Structure of Earnings Survey

The Structure of Earnings Survey collects data on wages and salaries as well as working hours of employed persons every four years. This information enables detailed analyses of the structure and distribution of earnings by economic activity, occupation, age, gender and other characteristics. 

The survey is conducted in all Member States of the European Union on harmonized standards and provides reliable and meaningful comparisons of earnings between the EU countries. The results for Austria for the reporting year 2018 can be found on our website under Structure of Earnings.

The survey for the reporting year 2022 will start in April 2023.


Following regulations are relevant:

Federal Statistics Act 2000, BGBl. I Nr. 163/1999, as amended

Verdienststrukturstatistik-Verordnung 2007, BGBl. II Nr. 66/2007, as amended

Regulation (EC) No 530/1999 concerning structural statistics on earnings and on labour costs

Regulation (EC) No 1916/2000 on implementing Council Regulation (EC) No 530/1999, as amended

Regulation (EC) No 698/2006 as regards quality evaluation of structural statistics on labour costs and earnings, as amended

Currently not available.

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