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Road freight transport survey

The survey of road freight transport is performed as a sample survey and offers basic findings about transport volume and transport performance in national and also cross border road freight transport within specific reference periods. Thus, the survey of road freight transport is an important basis for a wide range of economic and transport related policy decisions.

The road freight transport statistics is based on the following legal basis:

as well as on the following EU legal basis:

  • Regulation (EU) Nr. 70/2012 of the European Parliament and the Council of 18 January 2012 regarding the statistical recording of freight transport (recast)
  • Regulation (EG) Nr. 6/2003 of the Commission of 30 December 2002 regarding the distribution of the freight transport statistics (ABI. Nr. L 1/45 vom 4. Jänner 2003)

Statistics Austria complies with the data protection guidelines specified by the Federal Statistics Act (Federal Law Gazette I No. 163/1999 as amended). With special regard to the protection of your data, we would also like to refer to our survey-specific data protection policy (refer on German website). 

According to the Regulation on road and rail transport statistics (Federal Law Gazette I No. 393/1995 as amended BGBI. II Nr. 119/2005) all Austrian companies, which perform freight transport on roads are obliged to transmit data. Data referring to transport performances of goods transport vehicles with a load capacity of 2 tonnes or more and articulated lorries are collected. 

The survey referring to road freight transport is performed weekly. Data has to be transmitted to Statistics Austria by the end of the week following the reporting week.

Further assistance for the use of the eQuest questionnaire and the application Straßengüterverkehrserhebung as well as the survey documents in paper form including the related explanations and key lists can be found on the German website.

For data transmission our online questionnaire eQuest is available, where you can also find access to the application Straßengüterverkehrserhebung. 

In order to use the function "Forgot Password" in the portal of Staistics Austria, an e-mail address has to be stored using the application "e-mail verification".

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