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Light utility vehicles transport survey

Light utility vehicles (LUV) - vehicles of class N1 with a maximum permissible laden weight not exceeding 3.5 tonnes - are being used more and more frequently to supply the population with goods and services. For this reason, the Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat) is funding pilot projects in several countries. In this context, Statistics Austria is conducting a voluntary sample survey in the reporting year 2024. The mileage and goods transported within a reporting day are recorded for randomly selected vehicles.

The sample is drawn from the vehicle population, which is based on data transmissions from the Association of Austrian Insurance Companies (VVO) and includes around 10 000 vehicles of class N1 with a maximum permissible total weight of 3.5 tonnes for the reporting year 2024. The required names and addresses of the companies are obtained from the Statistical Business Register (SBR).

The light utility vehicles transport survey is carried out as part of the EU funding program “Single Market Program (SMP) – Development of new traffic statistics”.

In addition, the following legal bases apply:

Statistics Austria complies with the data protection guidelines specified by the Federal Statistics Act (Federal Law Gazette I No. 163/1999 as amended). With special regard to the protection of your data, we would also like to refer to our survey-specific data protection policy (refer on German website).

The light utility vehicles transport survey is carried out weekly. One reporting day is collected for each randomly selected vehicle.

The completed survey documents should be sent to Statistics Austria no later than one week after the reporting day. For more than one vehicle, the survey documents should be transmitted together one week after the last reporting day.

Further assistance for the use of the eQuest questionnaire as well as the questionnaire in paper form including explanations can be found on the German website.

For data transmission our online questionnaire eQuest is available. 

In order to use the function "Forgot Password" in the portal of Staistics Austria, an e-mail address has to be stored using the application "e-mail verification".

Additionally, it is possible to download the questionnaire in paper form and transmit it to Statistics Austria via post, fax or e-mail. Please find the questionnaire in paper form including explanations on the German website.

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