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Inland waterways transport survey

Inland waterways statistics, which is performed as a full survey, represents a detailed source of information concerning freight transport on the river Danube (including Rhine-Main-Danube canal). As part of this statistics data referring to goods transport as well as to vessel traffic, which covers the number of locked vessels on the Austrian section of the Danube, are collected. The surveys referring to Inland waterways statistics provide an important basis for a wide range of economic and transport related policy decisions. Findings concerning transport performance within specific reference periods are provided to responsible institutions and other interested persons.

Inland waterways statistics in Austria is based on the following legal basis:


According to the Regulation on inland waterways transport (BGBl. Nr. II 129/2005) all Austrian ports, reporting places and the cargo handling companies as well as the skippers and the lock Ottensheim are obliged to report data referring to freight transport on the Danube. For vessel traffic, that means the number of locked vessels, the nine locks alongside the Austrian part of the Danube are obliged to report.

The surveys referring to goods transport and vessel traffic are performed monthly. Data has to be transmitted to Statistics Austria until the 15th of the month following the reporting month.

The respondents have the possibility to either transmit a CSV-file in German language which has a given structure via SFTP-server to Statistics Austria or to send data via e-mail. 

Additionally, Statistics Austria provides a questionnaire in English.

It is possible to print the survey and send it via mail to:

Statistik Austria 
Direktion Unternehmen 
Guglgasse 13 
1110 Wien


Last updated on 2023-09-04.
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