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Global Value Chains

The survey on global value chains (GVC) aims to provide data on the economic globalization of Austrian enterprises and the internationalization of their production processes.

It covers the relocation of activities previously carried out by the enterprise to companies abroad ("outsourcing") and addresses the purchase and delivery of goods and services from and to enterprises abroad. Goods and services are classified according to their intended use in order to determine their role in global value chains. In addition, a modifiable block of questions also examines the impact of current events on entrepreneurial decisions.

In order to create harmonized data across the EU, the topic has been included in the program of the European regulation on business statistics. The first mandatory survey takes place in June 2024 covering the reporting period of 2021 to 2023. Subsequently, the survey will be conducted every three years.

European regulation 2019/2152 on European business statistics determines the scope of data statistical institutes are obliged to deliver to the European Commission. Definitions of the data as well as the content of the survey are defined in Implementing Regulation 2022/918 laying down technical specifications of data requirements for the topic Global Value Chains.

The Value Chains Statistics Regulation 2024, Federal Law Gazette II No. 133/2024, is the national legal basis and specifies the national implementation of the European regulations (German language version available only).

For information on data protection please refer to the German site

The statistical population consists of (statistical) enterprises, which had at least 50 persons employed on average in 2023 and whose main economic activity was classified in sections B to N of the OENACE 2008.

A representative random sample is then selected from this population, which is sufficiently large to allow inferring the results for the overall population. If statistical enterprises consist of more than one legal unit, only the entity with most employees is considered as subject to this survey (main legal unit). The main legal unit is contacted and reports representatively for the entire statistical enterprise. According to the national regulation all enterprises in the random sample are obliged to report the questionnaire.

The survey on global value chains is conducted every three years, the reporting period covers the three preceding calendar years. Thus, the survey of 2024 addresses the period of 2021 to 2023.

The requests to report, together with the login data for the electronic questionnaire, are distributed to the enterprises starting from June 3rd. The legal deadline to report is set on June 30th 2024

If it is not possible for enterprises to meet this deadline, Statistics Austria can grant extensions considering the legally binding obligation to report. 

To transmit your data to Statistics Austria please login to the electronic questionnaire eQuest-Web.

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If you need guest access to our web questionnaires, you can request this by sending an email to or by calling our hotline +43 1 711 28-7272.

Enterprises can also report via the Business service portal after a succesful registration.

General Hotline für questions about the survey, deadlines, login data etc.
Phone: +43 1 711 28-7272 Mon - Thu 07.30 am - 16.00 pm, Fri 07.30 am - 13.00 pm
Technical Hotline für questions related to the electronic questionnaire
Phone: +43 1 711 28-8009 Mon - Thu 07.30 am - 16.00 pm, Fri 07.30 am - 13.00 pm
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