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Foreign trade (INTRASTAT)

The monthly international trade in goods statistics (ITGS) measure imports and exports of movable goods. The international trade in goods statistics of Austria are based on data from the data collection systems INTRASTAT (goods traded between EU Member States) and EXTRASTAT (goods traded by EU Member States with non-EU countries).

In the section “Explanations and help” below, several useful help documents are available for download. The document "INTRASTAT-Guidelines Austria for EBS" provides methodological guidance and detailed clarifications on INTRASTAT, while the document "RTIC-Help for EBS" is a user manual for the Reporting Tool Intra Collect (RTIC). 

The international trade in goods statistics (ITGS) – and therefore INTRASTAT – is legally regulated on a national and EU-level. The national regulations are mainly based on the EU regulations on EBS (European Business Statistics) and at the same time take Austria’s specific national situation into account. For more details, please refer to the "INTRASTAT-Guidelines Austria for EBS".

Data protection is a major concern for us, therefore we kindly point out that you can find extensive information on the protection of INTRASTAT data in the data protection policy below (available in German only):

Economic operators are legally required to submit INTRASTAT declarations, if the value of their imports and/or exports of goods to EU Member States exceeds the assimilation threshold. If this threshold is exceeded during the current calendar year, the economic operator is legally required to report data as of (and including) the month in which the threshold was exceeded. As of the reporting year 2022, the assimilation threshold is EUR 1.100.000. For further information, please refer to the document "INTRASTAT-Guidelines Austria for EBS".

INTRASTAT respondents have to submit their declarations on a monthly basis. The legal deadline for the submission of each monthly INTRASTAT declaration is the 10th working day after the end of the respective month. For further details, please refer to the document "INTRASTAT-Guidelines Austria for EBS".

In order to submit your INTRASTAT declarations to Statistics Austria, please refer to our reporting tool RTIC. Technical details and help on RTIC are provided in the user manual "RTIC-Help for EBS".

In order to be able to use the service “Password forgotten?” at a later point of time, please make sure to provide us with your e-mail address in the section “E-mail verification”, which is available after the login to the portal. Please find further useful information on how to reset your password in the help document (PDF; 250 KB).

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