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Energy consumption of small and medium-sized enterprises

How much electricity do Austrian companies consume? How much natural gas? How high are corporate costs for fuel? Which industries are most affected by energy price increases? These and similar questions are answered by energy statistics.

The survey of energy consumption of small and medium-sized enterprises aims to record energy consumption and energy costs in the production sector and reflects changes in a time series. The survey forms an essential basis for the energy balance and the overall energy accounts and thus contributes to the description of the energy situation in Austria and its comparability within the European framework.

Following regulations are relevant:

The treatment and management of personal data of enterprises strictly abide by the Austrian regulations of data privacy protection and the guidelines by Statistics Austria. The publication of results abides confidentiality rules, drawing conclusions on information of single enterprises is not possible. Please find further information on the German website.

Currently, the survey of energy consumption of small and medium-sized enterprises is conducted every two years. The questionnaire mailout for the 2022 reporting year will take place in 2023. The reporting deadline for companies is set at 31 October 2023.

Please consider the folder (in German language only) for further information.

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The reporting for the survey of energy consumption of small and medium-sized enterprises is done via electronic questionnaires:

Questionnaire (avaliable in German language only)




Energy consumption small and medium-sized enterprises. For general and content-related questions about the survey, please contact:
Phone: +43 1 711 28-7000
Last updated on 2023-08-08.
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