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The statistical production process (GSBPM)

Statistical products within the framework of official statistics cover a variety of topics relevant to society and economic policy. All data and studies that contain descriptive and analytical information about the economic, demographic, social, ecological and cultural conditions of society as a basis for decision-making for social and/or economic issues, scientific research or international comparisons are considered statistical products. The methods of creation, the concepts and definitions used and the presentation of the results can vary depending on the topic. As with every form of production, however, there are common fundamental production steps that form the basis of most official statistics.

The process structure of Statistics Austria is based on the internationally established standard of the Generic Statistical Process Model (GSBPM). This model, which is considered a so-called non-legal binding standard within the European Statistical System, was adapted to meet the requirements of the Federal Institute. Since GSBPM only maps the statistical core processes, GSBPM was extended to the Generic Activity Model for Statistical Organizations (GAMSO) in order to also be able to integrate supporting processes.


Last updated on 2024-01-24.
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