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Statistics Austria’s Revisions Policy

Data Revisions

The trust in the figures published by Statistics Austria on the part of the users is an important concern for Statistics Austria, which is taken into account in all process steps. For this reason, and in order to comply with the principle anchored in the mission statement of Statistics Austria of being as up-to-date as possible while at the same time maintaining product quality, data revisions are a necessary and important measure in the publication process of statistical results.

Revision Policy

In general, it can be said that a data revision is a change to statistical results that have already been published. It is important for a National Statistical Institute to communicate how this practice, which is common in official statistics, is dealt with. With this in mind, Statistics Austria has decided to make information about data revisions available to interested users by means of a comprehensive revision policy.

The document initially defines the term data revision and then differentiates between scheduled and event-related revisions. For both revision types, it is explained which publication channels Statistics Austria uses to communicate information about revisions.

In an appendix, which is constantly maintained, all statistical projects can be seen broken down according to subject areas in which planned revisions are being carried out. While there you will find information about the chronological sequence of the individual revision steps, the standard documentation contains content-related aspects and information about the quantitative extent of revisions at the appropriate point.

Last updated on 2023-01-25.
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