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Audit workandfamily

Strengthening the backbone of operational success

The compatibility of family/life and work is an important matter for Statistics Austria. We see the “berufundfamilie” [work-and-family] certification as a strong incentive to further develop and consistently implement measures to improve work life balance.

The high level of professional competence of our employees is crucial for the success of our organisation. We therefore always keep the needs and satisfaction of our employees in mind.

The people who work for us benefit from a wide range of tasks, training and further education opportunities, as well as extensive social benefits. As a modern and attractive employer, we employ a family-friendly human resources policy, through which we promote a healthy work-life balance. A comprehensive mix of measures is intended to help us achieve an even better relationship between family and work in the future.

Top 3 measures

Appealing due to family-promoting measures

The demands for the perfect job have generally increased in recent years: the job should be challenging, open up perspectives and be enjoyable at the same time. Personal development and the compatibility of family and work are at the top of the wish list. We are taking all of these demands into account.

Statistics Austria is the leading, independent provider of data and information for citizens, business, science, politics and administration in Austria. At the same time, as an employer, Statistics Austria is fully committed to a family-friendly corporate policy. We want to noticeably convey our appeal as an employer from the very first contact with applicants. By integrating the “berufundfamilie” certificate on our website, in application platforms and in job advertisements, potential employees in all life circumstances are to be addressed and motivated to apply for our advertised positions.

Last updated on 2023-11-24.
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