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Experimental statistics

Under the label of "experimental statistics", a term established in the European Statistical System (ESS) and also used by other National Statistical Institutes in Europe, Statistics Austria regularly runs projects which offer new possibilities for generating statistics on various topics, by using innovative methods and alternative data sources. Given the progressive digitization, experimental statistics makes it possible to break new ground. Feedback and close interaction with academia are highly welcome!

Since the results of experimental statistics differ in maturity and quality from those of established official statistics, they are marked with their own logo, which indicates the provisional nature of the data and possible difficulties in interpreting the results.

Innovations & new data sources

Innovations such as the further development of statistical methods and the use of new data sources are important pillars for Statistics Austria to ensure efficient and high-quality data production.

Our goal

The aim is - after sufficient testing and ensuring quality - to use "experimental statistics" in official statistics in order to obtain data of higher quality, lower collection costs and less burden for the respondents. Therefore, on this website, “experimental statistics” which have already achieved the status of official statistics are shown as well.

Last updated on 2023-02-03.
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