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Statistics Austria is the leading independent provider of data and information for citizens, businesses, science, politics and administration. Based on high-quality scientific statistics and analyses, we draw a comprehensive and objective picture of Austrian society and economy. With its broad portfolio of figures and data, Statistics Austria, as a central source of information, provides the basis for a fact-oriented public debate and evidence-based decisions in society, politics and businesses.

The dedication and professional competence of our staff ensures that our figures and statistics are collected efficiently and evaluated, using sound scientific and innovative methods, and are made available in a comprehensible and user-friendly form. High quality, data protection, information security and service orientation always have the highest priority.

Statistics Austria, thanks to the specialist knowledge and expertise of its staff, has been able to establish, both nationally and internationally, a solid reputation as an independent and competent producer of statistical data and statistics.

We pay the highest attention to the further development and satisfaction of our staff. Salary and working hours are important, but by no means everything that we offer to our staff. Some of our many additional offers to you are:


Last updated on 2022-05-31.
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