Housing Census

The Housing Census is a full enumeration of buildings, dwellings and other housing units. The legal basis is the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on Population and Housing Censuses (Regulation (EC) No 763/20081) and the Register-based Census Act of 16th March 2006. The Housing Census was part of the Register-based Census 2011. Census day was 31 October 2011.

The main focus of this census is the housing situation of the population with characteristics such as the size of the dwelling, the number of rooms, the type of heating and the availability of other facilities. It also deals with questions of the ownership of dwellings and buildings, the occupancy status, the period of construction and the type of the building.

According to paragraph 4 of the Register-based Census Act, the Buildings and Dwelllings Register (GWR) which was put into operation in 2004, is the basic register for the Housing Census. This register which is set up at Statistics Austria is serviced and updated by the municipalities and local authorities of the districts.

Results of the 2011 Housing Census