Census of Local Units

For the census all Austrian local units of all economically active enterprises with at least one self-employed person or at least one employee are counted. Additionally the economic activities, the numbers of self-employed persons and of employees are determined for each local unit. From 2011 the census of local units is carried out by using administrative sources and the statistical business register – each former census has been carried out by the use of surveys which had to be filled-in by each local unit. The administrative sources are the companies register, the tax authority, the social security, the Austrian Economic Chamber, the agriculture and forestry register and the associations register.

Contrary to each former census, the local units of the agriculture and forestry sector are this time included. Therefore not only the statistical business register has been used, but the agriculture and forestry register as well.

The reference date for the census of local units is the 31 October.

Enterprises (from Census 2011)

Local units of employment (from Census 2011)