Pension beneficiaries

In 2019, 1 370 417 women and 1 117 768 men received at least one pension according to the European system of integrated social protection statistics (ESSPROS). Compared to the previous year the circle of beneficiaries rose by +1.2% to 2 488 183. Most beneficiaries were in respect of the old age function (2 010 219; an increase by +2.2%). All other functions had a decreasing number of pension beneficiaries: The number of persons receiving a survivors’ pension amounted to 590 637 (-0.6%), a pension in disability function to 212 534 (-3.3%). Under unemployment function (887; -5.7%), the number of beneficiaries receiving special benefit for mining industry decreased, too and transition benefit ceased.

The decrease in disability pensions from 2014 is due to legal changes in public pension insurance law.

Persons who were beneficiaries of different pension benefits at the same time (e.g. old age as well as survivors’ pension) are covered by each relevant function. However, in total they were counted just once.

Corresponding results in the EU are available on the Eurostat website.

Please consult our German website for tables containing further information.

Results (overview): Pension beneficiaries

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