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Mobile Internet usage booming – more young women then young men surf the web via smartphone

Vienna, 2015-10-19 – In 2015, more than three out of four persons aged 16 to 74 years use the Internet "on the move" via mobile phone, laptop, netbook or tablet, according to Statistics Austria. In the group of persons aged 16 to 24 years, more women than men use a mobile phone to surf on the Internet away from home or work. 82% of all Internet users surf the web daily.

More and more popular: Internet usage "on the move"; women are catching up

76% of persons aged 16 to 74 years using the Internet in the last three months prior to the survey accessed the Internet away from home or work via mobile devices (mobile phone, laptop, netbook or tablet). This proportion increased by 31 percentage points since 2011 (2011: 45%). Still, concerning age and gender there are differences in Internet usage away from home or work. The largest shares of people using the Internet "on the move" are found among those younger than 35 years: 98% of Internet users aged 16 to 24 years and 93% of those aged 25 to 34 years used the Internet away from home or work. Among individuals aged 65 years or older, however, the proportions are below 50%. Men used the Internet away from home or work still more often than women, but the gender-related difference decreased over the years (2015: men: 78%, women: 74%; 2014: men: 74%, women: 66%). In the age-group of the 16 to 24 year-olds, the gender-related difference was hardly recognizable.

72% of Internet users used a mobile phone to access the web away from home or work (men: 74%; women: 71%).This proportion increased by 39 percentage points compared to 2011 (2011: 33%). Young women (16 to 24 years old) use mobile phones "on the move" slightly more often than men in this age group (97% vs. 94%). No gender-related difference can be recognised among 25 to 34 year-olds (women: 92%; men: 91%). As from the age of 35, the proportions of men using mobile phones for accessing the Internet away from home or work are higher than these of women.

41% of the Internet users used a portable computer (laptop, netbook or tablet) to access the Internet away from home or work. Since 2011, the usage of such devices did not increase to the same extent as the usage of mobile phones (2011: 29%).

Four out of five Internet users are online on a daily basis

Approximately 5.4 mio persons aged 16 to 74 years used the Internet in the last three months prior to the survey, reflecting 84% of the population at this age. Of these, 82% used the Internet every day or almost every day. The younger a person is, the more often the Internet is used daily: While the proportion of daily Internet users is 93% for the 16 to 24 year-olds, it is only 68% for the 55 to 74 year-olds. For men, daily Internet usage is more common than for women (men: 85%; women: 78%). However, in the age group 16 to 24 years, the gender-related difference is almost unnoticeable. The difference increases with age and is highest for the 55 to 74 year-olds (men in that age group: 74%; women in that age group: 60%).

3.7 mio persons shop online

Approximately 3.7 million persons aged 16 to 74 years (58%) have bought goods or services on the Internet in the last twelve months prior to the survey. Since 2003, this proportion has multiplied by five (2003: 11%; 2015; 58%), with constantly more male online shoppers than female. In general, younger persons buy online more often: 81% of those aged 16 to 24 and 80% of those aged 25 to 34 made use of the Internet for their shopping.

The most-ordered products for online shoppers were clothes and sports goods (62% of online shoppers), followed by holiday accommodation or other travel arrangements (55%) and books, magazines, newspapers as well as e-books (49%). More than one out of three online shoppers ordered tickets for events (38%).

Two thirds of "social networkers" use social networks almost every day

Nearly 2.9 million persons aged 16 to 74 years participated in social networks in the last three months prior to the survey (54% of Internet users). Two out of three of these "social networkers" used them almost every day, 27% at least once a week. Women have slightly higher daily user rates than men (women: 67%; men; 63%). Of the social networkers aged 16 to 24 years, 83% used social networks almost every day (women: 87%; men: 79%), while of those aged 25 to 34 years only 68% did so (women: 71%; men: 65%).

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Methodical information, definitions: These are the results of the Community Survey on ICT Usage in households and by individuals 2015. The survey is based on an EU regulation (Regulation (EC) No 808/2004) which obliges Austria and all other EU member states to deliver data concerning this topic; furthermore there is a Commission Regulation (Regulation (EU) No 1196/2014) that contains all indicators. The survey was conducted by Statistics Austria as sample survey applying a harmonised questionnaire, standardised definitions and a common methodology. Data from approximately 3 500 households and approximately 4 950 individuals were raised. The field phase was from April to June 2015. The reference period is the time of the survey for household data and the last three resp. twelve months prior to the survey for individual data. Households with at least one member at the age of 16 to 74 years and persons living in these households (as well as being of this age group) were surveyed.  
The questionnaire comprises main indicators (ICT equipment in households, computer and Internet usage, online shopping) and annually changing questions concerning ICT-related topics (according to the Commission's "Digital Agenda for Europe" and the current benchmarking framework "Benchmarking Digital Europe 2011–2015"). 
This survey was conducted in all EU member states; therefore it will be possible to compare the data within Europe. European results are expected for the end of the year 2015.

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