Environmental Protection Expenditure Accounts (EPEA)

In 2018, national expenditure on environmental protection of 12.5 billion euros was spent in Austria, namely 5.3% (around € 0.7 billion) from the public sector (including NPISH = Non-profit institutions serving households.), 6.9% (almost € 0.9 billion) by private households and 87.8% (€ 10.9 billion) from corporations. As in previous years, the majority of total expenditure was destined for the two core areas of environmental protection expenditure, waste management and water protection, in 2018 too.

Environmental protection expenditure by the public and private sector constitutes a key aspect of ecological activities of a national economy; the amount of the national expenditure on this behalf indicates the economic significance of environmental protection.

The compilation of Environmental Protection Expenditure Accounts follows the international standards of the SEEA (System of Environmental Economic Accounting) from UNSD (United Nations Statistics Division) and is compiled according to the Regulation (EU) No 538/2014 in line with the methodological guidelines and manuals published by Eurostat. The transmission to Eurostat via a newly designed questionnaire is mandatory since 2017. Though the results of these accounts are not comparable one to one to those published so far.

The manuals are updated and revised on an ongoing basis, most recently in 2017. This causes for 2014, the first year under the mandatory reporting to Eurostat, a break in time series in the environmental spending of households and the environmental protection expenditure series from public sector.

National expenditure for environmental protection 2008-2018

Development of environmental protection expenditure in Austria 1995 until 2015

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