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Current tourism winter season 2019/20: 33.5 million nights spent and 9.9 million arrivals

Vienna, 2020-02-28 – In the first half of the current winter season 2019/20 (November 2019 to January 2020), 33.46 million overnight stays and 9.91 million arrivals were registered in Austria's accommodation establishments, as preliminary results by Statistics Austria show. Compared to the same period of the previous year, the number of nights spent rose by 5.2% and the number of arrivals by 5.6%.

Strong increases in overnight stays by guests from the most important foreign markets

The number of nights spent by guests from Germany (+4.3% to 12.56 million) and the Netherlands (+8.7% to 2.25 million) developed positively. With the exception of Italy (-2.8%), all major forgein markets recorded increases in overnight stays.

Commercial holiday dwellings particularly popular

The number of nights spent increased in all types of accommodation establishments. The highest relative increase in overnight stays was registered in commercial holiday dwellings (+10.8% to 3.59 million).

January 2020: calendar year starts with an increase in overnight stays

In January 2020, the number of nights spent increased by 5.5% to 15.99 million. This positive result was caused by resident (+4.0% to 2.92 million) as well as non-resident (+5.9% to 13.08 million) tourists. The number of arrivals increased by 9.3% to 3.96 million.

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