Press release: 12.119-185/19

Positive results for ongoing tourism summer season 2019: overnight stays +2.4% and arrivals +3.1%

Vienna, 2019-10-29 – 70.38 million overnight stays were registered from May to September 2019, according to preliminary data by Statistics Austria. Compared to the same period in 2018, this means a rise of 2.4%. The number of arrivals also increased in the current summer season (+3.1%) and reached 22.40 million. The number of nights spent by non-resident guests increased by 2.7% to 49.93 million while that of resident guests rose by 1.8% to 20.45 million. Among the 15 most important countries of origin, there were double-digit increases of overnight stays by guests from Poland (+11.2%), Russia (+10.9%) and Romania (+13.7%). The number of overnight stays by German guests increased by 2.3% to 26.41 million. Commercial holiday dwellings were particularly in demand – 11.4% more nights spent and 7.4% more arrivals were observed in this accommodation category.

Arrivals and nights spent in September 2019 almost unchanged

The number of guests and nights spent in September 2019 remained nearly stable (+0.1% and +0.6% compared to September 2018). Guests from the most important country Germany spent more overnights in Austria (+1.1%). The overnights of other important countries like Switzerland and Liechtenstein (+0.6%) or the Netherlands (-0.8%) did not face significant changes as well. Nights spent by residents increased by 1.3% and reached 3.44 million.

January to September 2019: 127 million nights spent and 37 million guests

For the first nine months of the year 2019 (January to September), about 126.66 million nights spent were registered – this means a rise of 1.2% compared to the same period in 2018. Increases were recorded related to the numbers of nights spent by both residents (+1.1% to 32.30 million) and non-residents (+1.3% to 94.36 million). With a rise of 2.6% to 37.05 million guests, the number of arrivals achieved a new record value.

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