Press release: 12.080-146/19

38.8 million nights spent in the first half of the tourism summer season 2019

Vienna, 2019-08-28 – 38.76 million nights spent were recorded for the ongoing summer season 2019 (May to July), according to preliminary results by Statistics Austria. This represents an increase of 3.0% compared to the same period of the previous year. There were rises in nights spent by resident visitors (+1.7%) as well as non-resident visitors (+3.5%). Also the number of arrivals reached an all-time-high (12.75 million or +3.1%) in the period May to July 2019.

Germany, the most important country of origin for tourists in Austria, reached a growth of 1.8% with 14.06 million nights spent. The highest relative increases in the number of nights spent were reported for guests from Romania (+14.7%), Russia (+12.7%), Sweden (+10.6%) and Poland (+10.1%). Increases of 7.7% to 2.05 million nights spent were registered for the second most important country of origin, the Netherlands. A decline in the number of nights spent was observed for the United Kingdom (-6.5%).

July 2019: more than 18 million nights spent

In July, the second most important month for the tourism summer season after August, 18.68 million nights spent were recorded. This means an increase of 1.8% compared to the same period in 2018. The number of arrivals also increased by 0.4% in comparison to July 2019.

January to July 2019: over 95 million nights spent and 27 million guests

About 95.04 million nights spent were registered from January to July 2019 (+1.0%). Increases were recorded in the number of nights spent by residents (+0.8% to 23.44 million) as well as non-residents (+1.1% to 71.60 million). Arrivals also saw a significant increase by 2.4% to 27.40 million guests.

For more detailed results and further information please refer to our website or the German version of this press release.