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Number of overnight stays by Chinese guests in Austria has increased sixfold since 2008

Vienna, 2019-02-27 – For tourism China is one of the most dynamic growing countries of origin. On the occasion of the EU-China Tourism Year, which ended in December 2018, Statistics Austria analysed the importance of Chinese guests for the Austrian tourism market.

In the 2018 calendar year, the number of overnight stays by Chinese guests increased by almost 500% compared with 2008, reaching around 1.4 million overnight stays. The number of arrivals of Chinese guests amounted to 973.000, which means that the number of arrivals is currently six times higher than in year 2008. The highest growth of Chinese guests was registered in 2015, when the number of arrivals increased by 43.6%, the number of nights spent by 41.1% compared to 2014.

The average length of stay of Chinese guests is one of the shortest with 1.4 nights; in 2008 the average length of stay accounted for 1.5 nights. This figure is below the total average length of stay of other non-resident guests (3.6 nights).

The most popular travel months are May to October, which account for about two-thirds of the yearly arrivals of Chinese guests. Furthermore, Chinese guests prefer higher-class-accommodations like 5/4-stars-hotels (56.4% of total nights spent) and 3-stars-hotels (21.7% of total nights spent).

Chinese visitors mainly prefer the region of Vienna (36.3%) and the western parts of Austria; thereof, the Tyrol (26.5%) and Salzburg (14.6%) are the most visited regions. The favourite municipalities where guests from China stay overnight are Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Vösendorf, Obsteig and Axams; it has to be mentioned, that the place of staying overnight might not coincide with the place of the main tourism activities.

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Information on methods: Within the scope of the monthly overnight statistics, the arrivals and nights spent are provided by rented tourist accommodation establishments in those communities which have more than 1 000 nights spent per year. Of the total of 2 098 Austrian communities, 1 558 reporting communities transmit data to Statistics Austria monthly. The survey units are commercial and private tourist accommodation establishments, which transmit their data to the relevant reporting community by means of "Statistisches Meldeblatt" or "Betriebsbogen".

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