Press release:11.945-011/19

Nearly 150 million overnight stays and 45 million arrivals in 2018

Vienna, 2019-01-24 – 149.75 million overnight stays in Austrian accommodation establishments were reported for the calendar year 2018. Compared to the previous year, the number of overnight stays increased by 5.25 million (+3.6%). This increase is the result of a rise in overnight stays for both resident (+2.2% to 39.37 million) and non-resident guests (+4.2% to 110.38 million).

The number of arrivals reached a new record (+4.1% to 44.83 million). The number of arrivals resident guests increased by 3.0% to 14.03 million, the arrivals of non-resident guests rose by 4.6% to 30.80 million.

Number of overnight stays by German guests developed positively in 2018

Compared to 2017, 2.66 million more overnight stays by guests from Germany were registered in 2018 (+5.0% to 56.26 million). The highest value was reached in 1981 with 66.0 million, and the share of total overnight stays was 54.5% (2018: 37.6%). The Netherlands, the second most important market of origin, closed the year 2018 with 10.03 million overnight stays (+2.7%). The most countries of the top 15 markets developed positively, the highest relative increase in overnight stays had Hungary (+8.9%).

Commercial holiday dwellings or houses particularly popular

The most overnight stays are still observed in 5-/4-star hotels, which increased by 2.5% to 52.92 million compared to 2017 (share of total nights: 35.3%). The highest relative increase in overnight stays was registered with 10.5% to 13.03 million in commercial holiday dwellings or houses (share: 8.7%). Ten years ago, the number of overnight stays reached 7.53 million, or 5.9% of total overnight stays.

Positive trend in current winter season 2018/19

For the first two months of the winter season 2018/19 (November and December), 16.57 million nights spent were registered, which means a growth of 7.6%. This positive development is based on a dynamic rise in November 2018 (7.9% to 5.23 million) and December 2018 (+7.4% to 11.35 million).

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