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Austria offers around 1.1 million beds for tourists in 2017/2018

Vienna, 2019-01-16 – About 66.420 accommodation establishments (excluding campsites) and 1.1 million beds (excluding extra beds) were listed in Austria in the tourism year (November 2017 to October 2018). According to Statistics Austria, the bed supply therewith increased by 1.6% compared to the previous year. The bed occupancy rate was by 1.7 percentage points higher in the winter season 2017/18 (37.3%) than in the summer season 2018 (35.6%). Compared to the preceding year's respective seasons, this rate rose by 0.1 percentage points in summer and by 1.1 percentage points in the winter season.

Most beds are offered by the Tyrol and Salzburg

In the reference period November 2017 to October 2018, 51.1% of all beds were located in the Tyrol (360.132) and Salzburg (219.667). Against the period 2016/2017, the number of beds increased by 1.5% in the Tyrol and by 1.0% in Salzburg. The highest growth was observed in Vienna (+6.5%). Declines were observed in Burgenland (-0.7%) and Carinthia (-0.8%).

73.6% or 834.005 of all beds were related to commercial and 26.4% or 299.877 to private accommodations. However, the number of commercial accommodation establishments was much lower than the number of private accommodation establishments (32.4% versus 67.6%).

Highest bed capacity in five- and four-star accommodations

The occupancy rate in commercial accommodations amounted to 41.1% in winter and 41.0% in the summer season. In private accommodations, however, the occupancy rate was higher in winter (26.5%) than in summer (20.8%). In both winter and summer season, five- and four-star accommodations achieved the highest bed occupancy rate (50.7% and 53.7%), followed by commercial holiday homes in the winter season (38.3%) and three-star accommodations in summer (40.8%).

Vienna with highest bed capacity

The highest occupancy rates were recorded in Vienna (winter: 49.0%, summer: 62.8%), followed by the Tyrol with 43.7% in winter and Burgenland with 41.1% in summer.

Compared to the previous year's respective seasons, increases in occupancy rates were observed in summer 2018 for all Austrian Länder except Vienna and Vorarlberg (-0.8 resp. -1.1 percentage points). In the winter season 2017/2018, the highest increase was observed in Salzburg (+1.8 percentage points), the strongest decline in Vienna (-1.1 percentage points).

The Tyrol with highest number of beds per 1 000 inhabitants

Regarding the supply of beds per 1 000 inhabitants, the Tyrol was at the top (winter: 457, summer: 447), followed by Salzburg (winter: 389, summer: 367). The lowest number of beds per inhabitants was recorded in Vienna (winter 41 and summer 42 beds).


Municipalities: Vienna, Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Sölden and Salzburg are largest bed providers

At municipal level, the largest bed providers were Vienna (winter 2017/18: 77 095 beds, summer 2018: 78 899 beds), Saalbach-Hinterglemm (17 867 and 15 100 beds), Sölden (17 247 in the winter season) and Salzburg city (15 073 beds in the summer season). The highest share of private beds was recorded for Zell am See (winter 33.5%, summer: 33.9%).

The lowest average size of accommodation establishments was found in St. Anton am Arlberg and Schladming for the winter (17 beds, respectively) and Mittelberg for the summer season (17 beds as well). The highest number of guest beds per 1 000 inhabitants was observed in Obertauern for the winter season and in Ischgl for the summer season.

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