Special aggregates

In addition to the national consumer price index, the harmonised index of consumer prices and the COICOP main groupings, Statistics Austria calculates a number of “special indices” and special analytical categories of the CPI/HICP.

  • A number of time series of frequently used items from the “Energy” group, such as electricity and gas, are provided here.
  • Administrated prices and tariffs (Gebühren und Tarife) – aggregate that contains goods and services which are mainly determined by an authority body. These are goods that are regulated on a national level (e.g. prescription fee) or fees that are regulated by a regional government (e.g. water supply fee).
  • The harmonised index of consumer prices at constant tax rates (HVPI-KS) – commissioned by Eurostat – calculates inflation assuming that (consumer) taxes have not changed. It is an instrument for assessing the influence of tax changes on inflation.
  • The index of daily purchases (micro basket of goods and services - Mikrowarenkorb) reflects inflation relating to daily shopping.
  • The index of weekly purchases (mini basket of goods and services - Miniwarenkorb) reflects inflation relating to weekly shopping.
  • The evaluation of the price index for pensioners’ households (PIPH) was stopped with December 2015.
  • According to the Eurostat definition, the special aggregates are a special higher-level aggregate by category of usage, based on COICOP. For the HICP, they are published by EUROSTAT.

The consumer baskets and their weighting systems are available under “Consumer basket and weights”.

Please consult our German Website for tables containing further information.