Prices, Price Indices

The basket of goods for producer price statistics in agriculture and forestry currently includes around 216 products from the animal, crop and forestry sectors. The prices are weighted according to Laender (federal provinces) prices without VAT, which are aggregated to give a federal average price. The price data are collected in close collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism, Agrarmarkt Austria and the Austrian Chamber of Agriculture.

In the year 2021 the prices for the animal and vegetable products developed very variously.

The price for pigs of carcass quality S – P decreased at €1.61/kg (-5.7%). For Piglets €2.16/kg (- 13.3%) was paid. Prices for slaughtered cattle: for young bulls of quality E - P €4.04/kg (+9.2%) was paid, and €2.96/kg (+19.1%) for cows E - P.

Producer prices for poultry have changed for the previous year. With the year´s prices for boiler chickens, oven-ready at €241.92/100kg (+1.4%), and for turkeys, live at €160.05/100kg (+5.8%) were paid.

Dairy farmers received €39.41 for 100 kg of cow’s milk (+5.0% in relation to the previous year).

The prices for cereals showed an upward trend. €174.47/tonne (+17.3%) was paid for soft wheat, €189.86/tonne (+21.8%) for quality wheat. A price increase was also seen for milling rye, with €139.07/tonne (+18.3%).

In Austrian fruit production the apple takes the greatest importance. The producer prices (annual average) for dessert apples (class I) amounted to €90.08/100kg which corresponds to a plus of 11.6% in relation to the previous year. For dessert pears (class I) were €138.25/100kg (+1.6%) paid.

Producer prices for saw timber (spruce/fir, class B, media 2b) increased (+38.3%) to €100.48 per cubic metre. For firewood prices (hardwood) an increase of +1.5% to €65.02 per cubic metre was achieved.