The Austrian Economic Atlas (“Wirtschaftsatlas Österreich”)

A new product from STATISTICS AUSTRIA… quick, competent, user-friendly

The Austrian Economic Atlas (available in German only) is a straightforward, rapid and well organised tool for gaining an overview of the structure of the Austrian economy, and provides the answers to many questions about national and European economic events and trends. If you want to find European comparisons or economic profiles of federal provinces, this is exactly the place to look. In launching the Austrian Economic Atlas, STATISTICS AUSTRIA is treading new ground by providing a comprehensive package of information about the Austrian economy online for the first time. Based on your interests, you can select from 13 topic blocks with a total of 268 characteristics. What’s more, you can call up all the data contained in the Economic Atlas free of charge and interactively via the STATcube database, and then use the data to compile customised tables and create simple graphs and charts.

What does the Austrian Economic Atlas contain?

The Austrian Economic Atlas consolidates key economic and social data from a range of STATISTICS AUSTRIA data sources in a meaningful manner and focuses specifically on three aspects:

  • Temporal aspect to enable comparisons of economic trends since Austria’s accession to the European Union, time series are provided for 1995 onwards
  • Regional aspect much of the data is compared at EU or federal province level
  • Topic-specific aspect in addition to data on the economy as a whole (Sections A to T of the NACE Rev. 2 classification of economic statistics), we provide detailed information about individual economic topic areas such as foreign trade, agriculture and forestry, industry, construction, trade, tourism etc.

To the interactive database_button

To the interactive database_button Here you can access all data contained in the Austrian Economic Atlas.