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Statistik der Körperschaftsteuer 2017

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Release date: 11/2021

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Statistik der Körperschaftsteuer 2017

Based on high-quality scientific statistics and analyses, Statistics Austria draws a comprehensive and objective picture of Austrian society and the economy. With its figures and data, Statistics Austria provides the basis for a fact-oriented public debate, empirical research and evidence-based decisions in society, politics and the economy, for example on the challenges and policy measures in the labour market as well as in social and economic policy.

The brochure „Corporate tax statistics 2017” offers information on the economic success of legal entities. Detailed tables presenting profit and loss including additions and deductions, taxable income, corporate tax and tax liability or credit provide an overview of the economic success of these legal persons and their taxation.
The enterprises are distinguished by their legal forms, economic sectors and regional affiliation (federal provinces and NUTS units).

An additional distinction is made between corporations liable to tax (“Steuerfälle”) and companies not liable to tax (“Nullfälle”) and – due to the group taxation introduced in the year 2005 – corporation groups. Furthermore, companies that are required to keep accounts and records and those that are not required to do so are displayed separately.

This publication is available in German only

The relatively long time lag between reporting period and final report of nearly four years is attributable to the fact that the tax assessment of big corporate bodies and corporation groups in particular can take up to several years.