Press release: 12.716-014/22

Fewer accommodation establishments and beds in the tourism year 2020/21

Vienna, 2021-01-22 – In the tourism year 2020/21 1.14 million beds in around 67 000 accommodation establishments were available in Austria, as Statistics Austria reports. Compared to 2019/20, the number of beds decreased slightly by 0.4%. The number of establishments declined somewhat more significantly by -1.3%.

Significant decline in establishments and beds in Vienna, more campsites 

The federal capital Vienna was most affected by the decline in establishments and beds (-29.4% and -11.0% respectively). The number of accommodation establishments and beds also declined in Lower Austria (-1.3% and -0.7% respectively), while the other provinces (apart from Burgenland with -0.8% for beds) recorded slight to moderate increases. The highest increase in the number of accommodation establishments was in Burgenland (+3.8%), while the highest increase in the number of beds was in Upper Austria (+1.6%).

Half of the total bed supply (50.8%) was accounted for by the two federal provinces of Tyrol and Salzburg.

In total, 45 more campsites were available in the tourism year 2021/22 than in the same period of the previous year. The highest increase was in Upper Austria, where 25 additional campsites were reported.

Three quarters of beds in commercial establishments

In the tourism year 2020/21 three quarters of the beds were offered in commercial establishments, one quarter in private establishments. However, there were significantly fewer commercial establishments (about one third) than private accommodation.

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