Press release: 12.681-272/21

Housing in the third quarter of 2021: average monthly rent remain at €8.3 per square metre

Vienna, 2021-12-09 – According to Statistics Austria, the average monthly rent (including running costs) amounted to €8.3 per square metre and €554.7 per dwelling in the third quarter of 2021, unchanged from the previous quarter. The average running costs were €2.2 per square metre and €145.7 per dwelling.

Households used their homes less often as a place of work in the period from July to September than in the previous quarter. Only in one out of eight households at least one person did work from home in the third quarter of 2021.

Households with at least one member working from home had an average living space of 120.2 square metres. In comparison, the average living space of Austrian households is 101.5 square metres. Furthermore, an average household in Austria has 3.9 rooms, whereas households with at least one member working from home had 4.3 rooms.

Larger dwellings in households with a member working from home can be explained by the fact that more of these households are living in owner-occupied dwellings (ownership rate of 60.3%) in contrast to rented dwellings (rental rate of 35.2%). Household size is also larger among teleworking households with an average of 2.6 persons, compared to the general Austrian average of 2.2 persons per household.

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