Press release: 12.680-271/21

Further recovery on the Austrian labour market during third quarter of 2021

Vienna, 2021-12-09 – In summer, the situation on the Austrian labour market further improved, also with the onset of summer tourism. According to Statistics Austria's labour force survey, 4 399 800 employed persons were recorded in the third quarter 2021 (+152 800 compared to the previous quarter), 244 800 persons were looking for work according to the new EU definition (-51 600). The positive trend also holds for job vacancies: In the third quarter of 2021, job vacancies increased by 17.2% to 162 400 compared to the previous quarter. A – at least interim – return to "normality" was also evident in the place of work: Only one in seven employed persons worked from home in the third quarter of 2021, most of them due to Corona (4.9 percentage points below the second quarter).

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