Press release: 12.673-264/21

Statistics Austria's updated Catalogue of Research Institutions contains information on 3 353 R&D performing institutions

Vienna, 2020-12-01 – 3 353 research institutions are currently listed in Statistics Austria's updated Catalogue of Research Institutions (FSK), which provides an overview of the research sector in Austria. It contains, besides contact data of research institutions, also information on the research fields and scientific activities (work fields) resp. main economic activity of the institutes which perform research. A regional categorisation of the research institutions is available and allows as well a query by work fields or industries. 1 586 entries refer to R&D performing enterprises, 1 235 belong to the higher education sector, and 532 to the government and private non-profit sector.

For access to the catalogue of research performing institutions refer to our website. The application conforms with the current digital accessibility requirements.

Information on methods: Data source for this catalogue compiled by Statistics Austria is the survey on research and experimental development (R&D survey), which is carried every two years as a census survey among all R&D performing units across all sectors. The currently published entries are based on the R&D survey 2019 (reference year 2019, conducted in 2020 and 2021). As it requires the explicit consent of the R&D performing unit for being entered, the number of units listed in the catalogue lies below the number of R&D performing units published in the framework of R&D statistics.

Catalogue of research institutes 2019: number of R&D performing units by region and sector
RegionTotalHigher education sectorGovernment sectorPrivate non-profit sectorBusiness enterprise sector
Company R&D sectorCompany R&D sector
Total3 3531 2353491831 55531
Lower Austria3504331402324
Upper Austria4451363282618
Vienna1 24850717910245010

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