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More and more enterprises use cloud services

Vienna, 2020-10-14 – 38% of Austrian enterprises use cloud services, according to Statistics Austria. Thus, the use of this IT infrastructure has tripled compared to 2014. The average number of services that an enterprise uses over the Internet has also increased over the years. Additionally, in 2020 every third enterprise (32%) relies on smart devices or systems in at least one of its business areas, such as smart meters, intelligent maintenance sensors for machines and vehicles or sensors for the automation of logistics or production processes.

Use of cloud services tripled within six years

Around four out of ten enterprises with ten or more employees (38%) use cloud services. This IT infrastructure makes it possible to access services such as storage space, software or computing capacity hosted by service providers and provided via the Internet (see table 1).

The use of cloud services increases with company size: While only 36% of small enterprises (10 to 49 persons employed) use cloud services, the figure is just under half (49%) for medium-sized enterprises (50 to 249 persons employed) and 66% for large enterprises (250 and more persons employed).

Within the last six years, the use of cloud services in Austrian companies has tripled (2014: 12%; 2020: 38%). Small enterprises in particular show a high increase rate (+260%; medium-sized enterprises +188%; large enterprises +175%).

As in 2014, the cloud service most frequently used is storage space (28%; 2014: 6%). Almost every fourth enterprise (23%; 2014: 6%) uses e-mail services via Internet, 17% office software (2014: 4%), 12% have their own databases hosted by service providers over the Internet (2014: 4%). With all the cloud services used, it can be seen that large enterprises use those proportionally more often than medium-sized and small enterprises.

In addition to the increased spread of cloud services among enterprises, the intensity of use has also changed. While an enterprise used an average of 2.4 chargeable cloud services in 2014, in 2020 this figure is already 2.8 (see chart).

Smart devices or systems in every third enterprise

Smart devices or systems that collect and exchange data are used in 32% of domestic enterprises. Such devices can be monitored or controlled via Internet. Large enterprises (58%) use smart devices or systems twice as often as small enterprises (29%). 44% of the medium-sized enterprises use smart devices or systems. No significant differences were found between enterprises in the service sector (31%) and the manufacturing sector (34%; see table 2).

Smart devices or systems for energy management, such as the use of smart electricity meters, lamps or thermostats to optimize energy consumption in company buildings, are most frequently used (19%). 11% of enterprises use devices or systems for transport or maintenance, for example where sensors record the movement of vehicles or products and maintenance sensors monitor vehicles or machines. In the production process or logistics area, 6% use smart devices or systems to monitor or automate processes.

For more detailed results and further information concerning statistics of ICT usage in enterprises please refer to our website.

Information on methods, definitions: These data derive from the weighted results of the European survey on the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in enterprises in 2020. Based on an EU regulation (Regulation (EC) No. 808/2004) that obliges Austria and all other EU Member States to provide data, as well as on a Commission Regulation (Regulation (EU) No. 2019/1910) which contains all the indicators to be queried, the survey was carried out by Statistics Austria with a Europe-wide uniform program of questions, standardised definitions and a uniform methodology as a sample survey. 
Around 2 750 enterprises with ten or more persons employed (from the sectors of manufacturing; energy and water supply, sewage and waste disposal and the removal of environmental pollution; construction; trade, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles; transport and storage; accommodation and gastronomy; information and communication; property and housing, provision of other economic services; repair of data processing and telecommunications equipment) took part in the survey from February to July 2020. 
Unless otherwise stated, the reporting period was the time of the survey. In addition to the main indicators on Internet use and e-commerce to be collected annually, the question program also included indicators on ICT-relevant key issues that change every year (in accordance with the communication "Digital Single Market Strategy" of the European Commission and the benchmarking framework "Monitoring the Digital Economy & Society 2016–2021"). Results at EU level are expected by the end of 2020.

Table 1: Enterprises using cloud services 2014 to 2020
IndicatorsAll enterprisesSize of the enterprise
10 to 49 persons employed50 to 249 persons employed250 and more persons employed
% of all enterprises
   Storage space6.32.25.426.411.035.711.247.5
   Office software3.817.33.415.
   Enterprise's databases3.611.
   Finance or accounting software2.
   CRM software2.
   Computing power1.
Table 2: Enterprises using smart devices or systems 2020
IndicatorsAll enterprisesSize of the enterprise
10 to 49 persons employed50 to 249 persons employed250 and more persons employed
% of all enterprises
   energy management18.916.827.739.2
   transport, maintenance11.49.917.128.7
   production, logistics6.35.011.421.6
   customer service5.14.67.311.8
   other areas6.25.78.413.4

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