Press release: 12.267-107/20

Tourism summer season 2020 started in May with a 90% decrease in overnight stays compared to the same month last year

Vienna, 2020-06-29 – According to preliminary data by Statistics Austria, the number of overnight stays in May 2020 dropped by 89.9% or by 6.77 million compared to May 2019 to 756 000 due to border closings and the shutdown of accommodation establishments.

Since mid-March 2020, almost no overnight stays have been registered because of the measures against the COVID-19 pandemic. Accommodation facilities were allowed to reopen on 29 May 2020, this is why the loss of overnight stays in the first month of the summer season was not as extensive as in April (-97%).

One third fewer overnight stays in the period January to May 2020

The number of nights spent in the current calendar year 2020 (January to May) decreased by 32.6% to 42.98 million; the relative decline was higher for resident guests (-41.2%) than for non-resident guests (-30.0%). Overall, the corona-related loss by the end of May 2020 amounts to almost 21 million overnight stays. The number of arrivals also significantly decreased by 42.3% to 10.21 million compared to 2019.

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Information on methods: Within the scope of the monthly overnight statistics, the arrivals and nights spent are provided by rented tourist accommodation establishments in communities with more than 1 000 nights spent per year. Thus, of the 2 095 Austrian communities, 1 566 reporting communities transmit data to Statistics Austria monthly. The survey units are commercial and private tourist accommodation establishments, which transmit their data to the relevant reporting community. For further information related to methodology see "Standard documentation".  
The winter season considers the period November to April, the summer season the period May to October.

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