Press release: 12.268-108/20

Quarterly government debt at the end of March 2020 rose by €8.7 bn compared to the end of 2019

Vienna, 2020-06-30 – According to calculations by Statistics Austria, government debt amounted to €289.1 bn or 72.8% of the gross domestic product (GDP) at the end of the first quarter 2020. It was thus €8.7 bn higher than at the end of the fourth quarter 2019; the debt ratio (government debt in relation to GDP) increased by 2.4 percentage points.

Compared to the end of the first quarter 2019 (€283.0 bn or 72.7% of GDP), quarterly government debt increased in absolute terms by €6.1 bn and in relative terms by 0.1 percentage points of GDP. By financial instruments, €243.3 bn of government debt were debt securities, €1.7 bn deposits and €44.1 bn loans.

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