Press release: 12.254-094/20

The Austrian labour market during the corona crisis – labour market data of April 2020

Vienna, 2020-06-03 – The measures and restrictions due to the corona pandemic and the gradual loosening show clear effects on the Austrian labour market for the months of March and April 2020, which partly differ from sector to sector. According to Statistics Austria, 380 000 cases of dependent employment ended in this period, and in 230 000 cases a new employment was taken up. With 4 079 000 persons in employment according to the international definition, the number of employed persons in April was 80 000 lower than in March 2020 and 164 000 lower than in April 2019.

The decline in employment is reflected even more strongly in the "labour reserve" than in the number of 227 700 unemployed persons (according to the international definition): the "labour reserve" grew from 129 000 in February 2020 to 221 000 in April 2020. However, even those who kept their jobs, in April 2020 worked on average 25.4 hours per week, 6.9 hours less than in April 2019 due to short-time work, the reduction of time credits and (special) holidays.

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