Press release: 11.582-142/17

Regional foreign trade 2016: Tyrol and Salzburg with highest relative increases in exports

Vienna, 2017-07-17 – According to preliminary results by Statistics Austria for the year 2016, the federal states Tyrol (+7.7%) and Salzburg (+1.9%) registered the highest relative increases in exports. In absolute terms Tyrol (€0.88 bn) showed the strongest development, followed by Upper Austria (€0.42 bn). Five out of nine federal states could increase their export values compared to 2015. The strongest decreases were observed in Vienna (-4.6%, €-0.87 bn) and Burgenland (-4.3%, €-0.09 bn). On the import side, only Burgenland (-7.3%, €-0.19 bn) and Lower Austria (-3.5%, €-0.81 bn) registered a decline, whereas the imports of the remaining seven federal states increased. In relative terms, the most dynamic developments were recorded for Salzburg (+8.7%), Tyrol (+6.3%) and Styria (+3.1%). In absolute numbers, also Salzburg (€1.04 bn) and Tyrol (€0.67 bn) showed the strongest growth in imports. The highest external trade values in terms of trade-intensity (sum of imports and exports) were observed in Upper Austria, Vienna and Lower Austria, in the order indicated.

Among the nine Austrian federal states, most imports were registered in Vienna (€33.89 bn, 25.0% of the overall Austrian imports). Upper Austria (€25.49 bn, 18.8%) and Lower Austria (€22.25 bn, 16.4%) recorded the second and third highest imports, respectively. With more than one quarter, Upper Austria had the largest share in the overall Austrian exports (€33.88 bn, 25.8%), followed by Lower Austria (€20.09 bn, 15.3%) and Styria (€19.32 bn, 14.7%). Five of the nine federal states showed a foreign trade surplus for the year 2016. Upper Austria had the largest surplus (€8.40 bn), whereas Vienna accumulated the highest trade deficit (€-16.12 bn).

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