Press release: 11.016-076/15

Education in figures 2013/14: 46% of students transfer to higher schools after completion of New Secondary School, but only 39% after completion of General Secondary School

Vienna, 2015-04-22 – In 2013/14, for the first time in all federal provinces (Länder) students completed New Secondary School and transferred to the upper secondary level. According to Statistics Austria, 45.9% of the students who attended the last grade of New Secondary School embarked on higher schools in the following school year. Analyses in the recent publication "Education in figures 2013/14" reveal that this share is actually higher than in General Secondary Schools (39.3%). Nevertheless, it is considerably smaller compared to the junior stage of Academic Secondary School (92.6%).

Students with other colloquial languages than German transfer less often to higher schools from all school types, though in case of the New Secondary School the difference is smaller than for General Secondary School.

Eight out of ten graduates from Academic Secondary School (Maturanten) already attended the junior stage of this school type rather than General Secondary School. By contrast, in Technical and Vocational Colleges six out of ten graduates previously attended General Secondary School.

Subsequent to the graduation from higher schools, about two thirds of the graduates enrol in a university programme within a period of three years.

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