Regional electoral zones

In accordance with the National Council Elections Order 1992, the territory of Austria is divided into 9 provincial electoral zones (Landeswahlkreise) for the purposes of elections, with each federal province forming a provincial electoral zone. The provincial electoral zone receives the name of the federal province and is designated with a number based on the alphabetical order of the federal provinces.

The polling districts (Stimmbezirke) of the provincial electoral zones are grouped together in one or more regional electoral zones (Regionalwahlkreise). The regional electoral zones are identified by the number of their provincial electoral zone as well as with letters (in alphabetical order). Austria is divided into 39 regional electoral zones.

Basically, each political district (in the federal provinces of Lower Austria and Vorarlberg, each administrative district) and each town with its own charter forms a polling district. In the city of Vienna each municipal district is a polling district.

Regional electoral zones - Overview, key date 2020   
Regional electoral zones ordered by municipalities, key date 1 January 2020    

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