Political districts

The federal territory is divided into 94 political districts, comprising 15 cities with charters and 79 rural districts. The political districts are the lowest unit of national administration.

They include the area of all municipalities for which a specific district commission (Bezirkshauptmannschaft) is the responsible administrative authority. In the case of identical or similar-sounding political districts, the word "town" or "province" has been added in brackets to avoid confusion. However, these additional identifiers are not part of the official name. The 3-digit number for the political district is formed with one digit for the federal province (1 for Burgenland, 2 for Carinthia, 3 for Lower Austria, 4 for Upper Austria, 5 for Salzburg, 6 for Styria, 7 for Tyrol, 8 for Vorarlberg and 9 for Vienna) plus a 2-digit consecutive number (towns with charters are numbered first followed by the rural districts).

Geodata (excluding attribute data)

Geodata, which can be used for analysis and visualising statistical information, can be found on the open.data Portal of Statistics Austria.

Political districts
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