NUTS units

NUTS is an abbreviation for "Nomenclature des unités territoriales statistiques". This is a system of hierarchically organised territorial units for statistical purposes that was established by Eurostat in collaboration with the member states and must be used with Regulation (EC) No. 1059/2003 of 26 May 2003 (latest version: No. 31/2011 of 17 Jannuary 2011).

It divides the territory of the EU into territorial units on 3 levels, which normally consist of entire administrative units or groupings of such units: NUTS 1 Regions of the European Communities, NUTS 2 Basic administrative units, NUTS 3 Subdivisions of the basic administrative units.

The main motive for the introduction of the NUTS was to make comparable statistical data at regional level available to statistics users. All statistics broken down by region that are communicated by member states to the EU are to be provided on the basis of NUTS units. Equally, the EU for its part is supposed to use NUTS for all statistics classified by territorial units. Regional statistical data, which forms a cornerstone of the European statistical system, is required for a wide range of purposes, e.g. regional subsidies and competition policy. This means that the NUTS units are important not just statistically, but also politically and economically.

NUTS level 0 corresponds to the member state. At NUTS level 1 Austria has been divided into three units: EASTERN AUSTRIA (Burgenland, Lower Austria, Vienna), SOUTHERN AUSTRIA (Carinthia and Styria) and  
WESTERN AUSTRIA (Upper Austria, Salzburg, Tyrol, Vorarlberg). NUTS level 2 represents the federal provinces. The 35 units in NUTS level 3 consist of merged municipalities. Each municipality is assigned precisely to one NUTS unit. Vienna forms its own NUTS-3 unit.

Geodata (excluding attribute data)

Geodata, which can be used for analysis and visualising statistical information, can be found on the Portal of Statistics Austria.

Breakdown of Austria into NUTS units
NUTS 3 ordered by municpalities
NUTS 3 ordered by municipalities, area and population

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