Regional statistical grid units

Regional statistical grid units are placed over the entire territory of Austria. The grids are independent of administrative boundaries and therefore allow a more objective delimitation of areas. Because of their small scale, spatial distributions can be more easily identified

For Austria, Statistics Austria provides a pan-European grid based on the ETRS-LAEA projection in line with the EU's INSPIRE directive. As defined in the data specifications on grid systems set out in the EU's INSPIRE directive this grid is based on the LAEA projection, with the centre of the projection at the point 10°E 52°N parallel to the degree of longitude 10°E and parallel to the degree of latitude 52°N. A standardised European projection system is particularly advantageous for exchanging geodata in the EU since this data therefore no longer needs to go through a complex conversion process. It also facilitates the small-scale presentation and evaluation of cross-border data in Europe.

Available Data

The available grid sizes available are 100m, 250m, 500m, 1 000m, 2 000m, 5 000m and 10 000m. Statistics Austria currently offers package Population stock, package Buildings and Dwellings, package Register-based Labour Market Statistics and data from the Census 2011. Selected content (e.g. number of persons with main residence) is available from a grid size of 100m. Detailed characteristics are only provided from a grid size of 250m.

Further information can be found in the document Statistical data based on statistical grids - Data and Fees (PDF, 170KB).

A detailed list of packages and characteristics can be found in the metadata catalogue



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Terms of use

In terms of using data based on regional statistical grid units, Statistics Austria differentiates between internal use, commercial use excluding resale and commercial use including resale. In order to use the data, the customer must sign the relevant Terms of use (PDF, 125 KB). The data may only be used within the scope of the agreed use.

Geodata (excluding attribute data)

Geodata, which can be used for analysis and visualising statistical information, can be found on the Portal of Statistics Austria.

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