The country database allows users to search for countries, display additional information about the countries and download files. There are a number of different versions of country names available to users (short version, long version and English version). The spellings of the country names in the database were taken from the list issued by the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs (BMEIA) and are continuously compared with the list published on the Federal Ministry's website.

In addition to names of countries, the official alphabetical and numerical ISO codes (codes issued by the ISO and the UN) are also contained in the database. In addition, the table also shows other information, e.g. identification as birth country or relocation country, whether the country is officially recognised by Austria and details of EU/UN membership.

Note: There are currently no ISO-2, ISO-3 or ISO numerical codes for the new state of Kosovo as no official codes have yet been assigned by the UN. Temporary codes, starting with 'X', have been assigned. This will be updated as soon as the details are given.

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