Implementation of the ÖNACE 2008

A major revision of statistical classifications of economic activities, known as Operation 2007, is currently taking place. Since classifications at UN and EU level are directly interconnected, any revision can only be carried out at all levels simultaneously.

At UN level, the currently valid ISIS Rev. 3.1 will be replaced by ISIC Rev. 4, while at European level, NACE Rev. 1.1 will be replaced by NACE Rev. 2 in 2008. At national level, this means that ÖNACE 2003 will be superseded by ÖNACE 2008.

All information relating both to the new classifications themselves and to all associated measures and activities required for implementation will in future be collated in this section of Statistics Austria’s website in order to provide interested users with an insight into the latest progress and developments of Operation 2007.

The structure of and explanatory notes for ÖNACE 2008 (in German only) and NACE Rev. 2 (structure and explanatory notes in English and German) are already available in Statistics Austria’s classification database. Further information on NACE Rev. 2 and its implementation can be found in a dedicated section of the Eurostat website. Information on ISIC Rev. 4 is available on the United Nations website.