Classification database

The classification database contains numerous national and international classifications and currently comprises the following areas:

  • economic activities
  • products
  • buildings
  • occupations
  • classification of education
  • purpose
  • fields of science

The user-friendly classification database enables the user to display classifications and to navigate backwards and forwards in the structure. It is possible to display individual elements (such as subclasses and categories) and view titles, explanatory notes and – if available – an alphabetical index at a glance. Exclusions from an element (“does not contain”) can immediately be queried interactively.

Detailed information and descriptions are available for each classification or version of a classification. All classifications in the database are also available as downloads in the form of CSV files and can thus be utilised for users’ own applications (e.g. databases).

The contents of the classification database are due to be extended successively with the result that the database will in future be the central reference point for all classifications on Statistics Austria’s website.

All extensions to the classification database will be documented on the database homepage under “News”.

In addition to the classification database, a short account of content-related connections between the most important international classifications of economic activities is available under system of international economic classifications.

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